Mission statement

During Covid, we learnt what happens when brain and heart are disconnected when learning. At this conference we are exploring how we can support our students to learn better in a post-covid world by making them feel well at school.

Survey Well-being at School

How can we support the well-being of our students and staff at school? Students from the Tinne De Kinder explored this question in a European survey. We are presenting the results.


How can we support the well-being of our students and staff at school?

Workshops Well-being

Students of 15 European countries are taking parts in Workshops in which they explore how they can increase their well-being at school.


After more than two years of virtual meetings only, our network is reconnecting at a conference in real life.


Meet the Europroject Team of the Óscar Romerocollege at Dendermonde, the organisers of the Connecting Conference at the C-side.


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Arrival and departure dates

The 11th of May 2022 is the travel date to arrive In Oostende (Belgium) and the 15th of May 2022 is the departure date.

Thursday 12/05/2022

Opening ceremony, lecture and workshops.

Friday 13/05/2022

Excursion day to the Óscar Romerocollege in Dendermonde and to Gent.

Saturday 14/05/2022

Workshops / network business. Outdoor activities in Oostende. Presentation of the workshop results in plenum. Farewell party

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