Basic verb forms 2 (Koen Van Cauwenberge)

Gapfill exercise


Enter your answers in the gaps. When you have entered all the answers, click on the "Check" button.

Choose the right (British) verb form. Choose between the present participle (e.g. working), the past participle (e.g. worked) or the infinitive (e.g. (to) work).

Watch out!
e.g. I was shot. = "Ik werd geschoten." Passive Voice
e.g. I was shooting. = "Ik was aan het schieten." Past Progressive

1. My uncle has (travel) around the world.
2. My keys are still (lie) on the kitchen table.
3. I (swear) that I had never (see) her before.
4. My grandma is (come) next week.
5. I didn't (choose) this dish.
6. The car had (stop) and the driver was (ask) me where he could find a petrol station.
7. She was (have) a long conversation with her best friend.
8. The American scientist had (develop) a very fast plane.
9. He has (try) many diets without any success.
10. His parents were (quarrel) all night.
11. Those children are (die) and you don't even care.
12. My sister is (dye) her hair in pink.
13. He would have (prefer) to emigrate to Australia, but his wife didn't (want) to.
14. His aunt had (knit) a cardigan for him.
15. The horses were (gallop) in the meadow.
16. Milosevic was (try) for murder.
17. I am very sorry, but it has never (occur) to me that your husband is dead.
18. They were (argue) about where they could (stay) for the night.
19. He has never been (bet) before on horses.
20. She was (mistake) for her twin sister.